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tourist spots

interhotel Tatra is located in the picturesque landscape of hills Beskydy. is surrounded by attractive tourist resorts, which offer visitors and tourists a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. surrounding hills are intertwined and many hiking trails are filled with impressive views of the countryside.

Technical museum Tatra

Presentation of cars, trucks, racing, military and sports cars, body trials and the prices obtained in competition sites around the world. Web.

Muzeum Tatra

Lachian Museum

The permanent exhibition is dedicated to former local earthenware factory and Kopřivnice natives Web.

Lasske muzeum

Museum Fojství

Permanent exhibition on the history and origins Kopřivnice coach local production Web.

Muzeum Fojstvi

Tower of White Mountain

Tower symbol resembling the structure of DNA, called a spiral of life Web.


Ruin Šostýn

Šostýn Castle, now ruins, is located on Red stone and is the next stop on the way after Lachian nature trail.

Hrad Sostyn

Castle Štramberk - Trúba

Ruin of 13 century cylindrical tower called Trúba Web.

Hrad Stramberk

Toy Museum

The museum is located toys from years 1860-1989. The collection consists of nearly 40 years a collection of various toys focus. Web.

Muzeum hracek

Museum of Zdenek Burian

Exposure to world-renowned painter and prehistoric adventure Kopřivnice native who spent part of his life in Štramberk web.

Muzeum Zdeňka Buriana

The arrow Cave, Mount Blade, National sets

Gallery of statues and monuments, important paleontological and archeological site. web.

Jeskyně Šipka

the old museum's print and ceramics

Printed copies, which is reflected in the development of literary culture and literature from the 15th to 19 century. web.

Muzeum starých tisku

Botanical Garden - Arboretum

Botanical garden and arboretum emerging - located on the southern slope in the area of ​​the old limestone quarry web.

Botanická zahrada

Aqua Terra

Aquarium and terariní animals - tropical fish, snakes, monkeys drápkaté, exposure of invertebrates. web.

Aqua terra


It includes almost sixty buildings on the square and its immediate surroundings, Piarist college with a museum and library and birthplace of Sigmund Freud.

rezervace pribor

Birthplace of Sigmund Freud

Houses a permanent exhibition presenting the world-renowned physician, scientist and psychoanalyst web.

Rodny dum Freuda

Leos Janacek Memorial

Located in the house in which he lived Leos Janacek just before his death.

Muzeum hracek


The ruins used to be one of the largest Moravian castles situated on a long ridge of hills marked the Castle web.

Muzeum hracek


Exhibition of exotic butterflies and beetles from farms around the world with expert commentary web.

Muzeum hracek


Exotic plants and animals, tropical greenhouses, Asian garden. Suitable for families with children and school trips. web.

Muzeum hracek